A multimedia installation
exploring Christian nationalism​

Cathedrals and Critique

Cathedrals and Critique

This installation explores the public reception of two planned Christian public works projects in Africa, Ghana’s national cathedral and Zambia’s national house of prayer.

Curated by: Naomi Haynes
(The University of Edinburgh)

Imagining the Christian Nation in a Buddhist World

Imagining the Christian Nation in a Buddhist World

This short series will investigate how the figure of the Christian nation is imagined by Christians in Christian-minority contexts.

Curated by: Michael Edwards (Cambridge University) and Adam Marshall (Georgia Gwinnett College)

Church in Covid

Coming soon: Church in Lockdown

Globally, questions are being asked about the “new normal” to follow in the wake of COVID19. Through diverse case studies, this installation considers Christian responses to the coronavirus pandemic as impetus for systemic change.

Curated by: Dr Frederick Klaits (University at Buffalo), Dr Jon Bialecki (University of Edinburgh), Emma Teale (University of Edinburgh)

The Hebraic Style in Christian Nation-Building

Coming soon: The Hebraic Style in Christian Nation-Building

Every year, growing numbers of Christians integrate Jewish-like symbols, aesthetics, and rituals into their lives. This installation is the first project to bring together anthropologists tracking the trend in a variety of sites around the world.

Curated by: Hillary Kaell
(Concordia University)